Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Scott Burdick and Susan Lyon

Earlier this year my friend and I visited the M Gallery of Fine Art to watch a demonstration by Susan Lyon and Scott Burdick. Susan and Scott were both down to earth and willing to part with so much useful information. It was such a gratifying experience. You can see some of the lovely evening in this video (The "Rock Stars" comment was delivered by my friend)!

Shortly after returning to Jacksonville, I downloaded Scott's Secrets of Drawing and Susan's Figure Drawing video lessons. I found the technical and introspective aspects of the videos absolutely inspiring. You get a sense that Scott and Susan empathize with what a lot of artist goes through and they are very upfront about it. I think the relatability of these videos make them stand out as more than a demonstration. I would highly recommend purchasing them! They are available here: http://www.scottburdick.com/

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